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 News & Reportage
News and reportage

CT scanning of the head.

Swine flu vaccination queue.

Policeman with his dog, waiting for hooligans.

The wife to the old priest in Pera, Cyprus.

Swedish students graduating.

Reading about Icelandic volcano ash on an iPad.

Solar eclipse seen through a computer diskette

Extreme winter - showeling snow off the roof.

Plane starting, 30 sek exposure

Salmon slide.

Extreme snowy winter.

Plane starting, 30 sek exposure

About me:
I am a photographer based in Sweden. I do many kinds of photography - News & reportage, Sports, Extreme macro, Travel, Wedding and just about anything I am asked to.

Please have a look at some of my photos using the links on the left.

If you need to hire a photographer, don't hestiate to contact me. I live in Nyköping, Sweden.

My biggest ongoing photo projekt is a site about spiders in Europe.

  © Stefan Sollfors
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