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Garden or Cross spider - Araneus diadematus

Green Huntsman Spider - Micrommata virescens

Goldenrod crab spider - Misumena vatia

Wolf spider - pardosa amentata

House spider - Tegenaria domestica

Stemonyphantes lineatus

Wolf spider - Alopecosa taeniata

Fen Raft spider - Dolomedes plantarius

Malthonica pagana

About me:
I am a photographer based in Sweden. I do many kinds of photography - News & reportage, Sports, Extreme macro, Travel, Wedding and just about anything I am asked to.

Please have a look at some of my photos using the links on the left.

If you need to hire a photographer, don't hestiate to contact me. I live in Nyköping, Sweden.

My biggest ongoing photo projekt is a site about spiders in Europe.

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