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 News & Reportage

Speedway - I like these dusty headlight photos!

Kayak cross.

Water ski slalom - Chased by a monster wave!

Speedway - The faster you drive, the harder you fall.

Ice hockey - A sport for real men!

Silver surfer - Waterskiing again

Ice hockey - We love it!!!

Kayak cross - Cold water, rocks under the surface, can be tough!

Ice-hockey - A hot goalie enters the ice!

Ice-hockey - The goalies mask is off!

Kayak cross - Someone is going the right way, or???

Canoeing - Exhausted.


Ice hockey - Hey! It's my turn to have the puck now!

Water ski slalom

Football (soccer) - You have to use your head!

Ice hockey - These composite sticks are really flexible!

Ice-hockey - F... off!

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I am a photographer based in Sweden. I do many kinds of photography - News & reportage, Sports, Extreme macro, Travel, Wedding and just about anything I am asked to.

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My biggest ongoing photo projekt is a site about spiders in Europe.

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